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Your own Amazon brand

Summary :

If you wish to sell a product, but do not want to be a part of the production, this is a great opportunity. 

Creating your own Amazon brand means trading in own-brand products that are manufactured by another company, and you have the opportunity to agree with the manufacturer on certain small changes that will contribute to the overall image of the product.


How can we help you:

Analyzing the competitors

We will provide you with a comprehensive study of competitors and will market your products based on best practices so you have more sales.

Listings content optimization

We know how important content is. We optimize your ads with top keywords to be ranked and displayed on the first page.

Increasing sales

We will create the right pricing strategy based on current trends. We will help you automate your business in every aspect. We know the tricks to help you increase your sales on Amazon. We will explore the product niche in which the product falls and create the perfect brand strategy for your business.

Development and launching of new products

Summary :

Launching a new product is the first and most important part of the process of creating your own brand on Amazon.

This step of development and research is crucial for the development of your business and it is worth devoting time and resources to the long-term success of the product.


How can we help you:

Product strategy

We will create a complete concept for the product - from packaging, or rebranding if necessary, to a completed market unit and entering the selected market.

Market opportunity

We can help you understand customer needs, the competitive environment, and the nature of the market.

Product management

Every new product on the market aims to build a brand identity. This happens most naturally by word of mouth when people are happy and communicate with each other to spread and promote the brand. We have the experience that has provided us with the necessary know-how, which has proven itself effective over time.
We know the steps for conceptualization, layout, development, and marketing of newly created or rebranded goods and services. We will help you by structuring the development of your product and giving it a successful start, which can be upgraded with proper account management.

Marketing and Advertisement

Summary :

When you have already started your business, you will need brand recognition and so-called brand visibility, which means more users will see your product.

On the Amazon platform, this is most often done through PPC advertising, which is paid only when a potential customer clicks on the ad. 

PPC ads work with a budget, which we will further discuss in relation to the product, market, and trends in bid prices (how much is one click), to make the ad worthwhile and bring results.


How can we help you:


Ads appear exactly where customers see them, such as the first page of search results and product pages, providing increased visibility.

Increasing sales

Sponsored products help increase sales on Amazon by reaching out to customers looking for such products and directing them to the brand's product page.

Expanses control

Ads are cost-per-click, meaning you pay only when customers click on the ads. By setting your budget, you control how much your campaign will spend and choose how much to bid per click. We can help you with making your brand more recognizable for Amazon's customers searching and buying products that you sell with your advertising campaigns.

Amazon Account Management

Summary :

For anyone looking to sell on Amazon, it would be initially confusing where to start and how to do it all. That’s why you would get a lot of help if you trust a professional account management agency, such as ours, and choose to use their services.

We are an Amazon SPN certified agency that will help you grow your business and make it more recognizable to customers. We will help you by saving you headaches and assisting you with our already accumulated experience and good practices.


How can we help you:

Calm passage through each process

We understand how Amazon works and all the steps from creating an account to attracting more sales.

Saving time

We will lighten the burden on your shoulders by taking some of your responsibilities related to the so-called account health, as well as building a reputation and identity.

Maintaining happy customers

Customer service is complicated when it comes to Amazon. It can lead not only to the return of goods or refund of the amount paid but also to bad comments and ratings that affect the health of the account. We will try not to let this happen and keep our customers satisfied.


The Process


Research Project

We do thorough research on the market and your competitors.


Evaluate Plans

Come up with a plan that best suits your needs.



Monitoring and optimization of the active campaigns 


Frequently Asked Questions

You can obtain an Amazon account manager through the SAS Core program provided by Amazon. To be eligible for an account manager from Amazon through this program, you must have an active Professional selling account in good standing with the company. If you have multiple selling accounts, you can complete the application for an account manager with your email address and unique Merchant Token for each of your accounts.

An Consultant for Amazon Sellers & Vendors is a professional who provides expert advice and guidance on establishing your business on the Amazon e-commerce platform. Your dedicated consultant for the Amazon Platform will provide hands-on insight into the steps needed for your business to start selling products on Amazon. The work of Consultant for Amazon is customized to fit your needs, which means these professionals typically create individualized strategies for your business based on the product category, sales history, and competition.

Consultants help to identify opportunities, build strategies for success, and educate you on the steps for being successful on the platform. They are problem-solvers, innovative solution providers, and trusted professionals who can help you build a strong presence on the site as you establish your Amazon storefront.

There are numerous mistakes you could be making (or you could be doing everything just fine). The most common problem though is retail readiness. Your product needs to be able to, at the very minimum, meet some basic requirements. Before you launch on the site, you need:

  • At least six photos with annotations
  • Optimized content based on keyword research (title, features, backing search terms)
  • At least five reviews and ½ stars or more

There’s little doubt that Amazon is the largest marketplace for most product sellers – it accounts for 46 percent of all product searches consumers perform today. Having a successful e-commerce site right now is good news – that means customers are interested in your product and willing to buy from you. That also means those customers are just the tip of the iceberg. With consulting services from Nuanced Media, we can ensure Amazon’s customers – those that are not getting to your site – learn about your product and begin buying. We create a multi-channel stream of business for your company, which means scaling far beyond your current sales in many cases.

It’s not hard to get overwhelmed by the complexity of these options. The chart below breaks them down a bit clearer for you. It’s a look at the fees you will pay when you sell on Amazon and your own e-commerce website using either FBA or MCF.

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