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You can obtain an Amazon account manager through the SAS Core program provided by Amazon. To be eligible for an account manager from Amazon through this program, you must have an active Professional selling account in good standing with the company. If you have multiple selling accounts, you can complete the application for an account manager with your email address and unique Merchant Token for each of your accounts.

An Consultant for Amazon Sellers & Vendors is a professional who provides expert advice and guidance on establishing your business on the Amazon e-commerce platform. Your dedicated consultant for the Amazon Platform will provide hands-on insight into the steps needed for your business to start selling products on Amazon. The work of Consultant for Amazon is customized to fit your needs, which means these professionals typically create individualized strategies for your business based on the product category, sales history, and competition.

Consultants help to identify opportunities, build strategies for success, and educate you on the steps for being successful on the platform. They are problem-solvers, innovative solution providers, and trusted professionals who can help you build a strong presence on the site as you establish your Amazon storefront.

There are numerous mistakes you could be making (or you could be doing everything just fine). The most common problem though is retail readiness. Your product needs to be able to, at the very minimum, meet some basic requirements. Before you launch on the site, you need:

  • At least six photos with annotations
  • Optimized content based on keyword research (title, features, backing search terms)
  • At least five reviews and ½ stars or more

There’s little doubt that Amazon is the largest marketplace for most product sellers – it accounts for 46 percent of all product searches consumers perform today. Having a successful e-commerce site right now is good news – that means customers are interested in your product and willing to buy from you. That also means those customers are just the tip of the iceberg. With consulting services from Nuanced Media, we can ensure Amazon’s customers – those that are not getting to your site – learn about your product and begin buying. We create a multi-channel stream of business for your company, which means scaling far beyond your current sales in many cases.

It’s not hard to get overwhelmed by the complexity of these options. The chart below breaks them down a bit clearer for you. It’s a look at the fees you will pay when you sell on Amazon and your own e-commerce website using either FBA or MCF.

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"Many companies have forgotten they sell to actual people. Humans care about the entire experience, not just the marketing or sales or service. To really win in the modern age, you must solve for humans."


Benefits & What We do?

Every business needs different support. For your business, we will develop a personal plan to help you achieve the results you want.

Some companies want to be involved in every step of the marketing process. Others want you to handle it all for them and just let them know when it’s done. We can work with both types.

Of course it does! I’ll sign a confidentiality statement if you’d like. But even without a declaration, We guarantee you complete confidentiality of the information shared.

We guarantee success with our projects by taking the time to understand our client’s needs and goals, and creating a customized plan that ensures those objectives are met. We also prioritize communication throughout the process, keeping our clients informed and involved every step of the way.

Of course not! I have different clients. Some are owners of not very successful businesses, others are just starting out, still others have serious business problems, even though their businesses are making great annual sales. Some come with the intention of starting a business, but want to be more prepared before embarking on this challenge.

It depends on the project and your budget.


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